Why take a Food & Cultural Tour? Pt. 1


This isn't exactly the only question we get. More of a " What is a Food Tour?, but we think this series will answer that too.
(And yes, we're biased, we know. But take it from us, this isn't just a sales pitch, it's a culmination of what we've discovered since we launched 1.5 years ago.) 
1. Get that behind the scenes information

Most of us visit restaurants and food businesses but never get a chance to learn all those tasty inside tidbits about where you are. Find out the stories about the chefs and the owners, even the menu. Gain insight into the ingredients and food sourcing. Learn those particular details about the inspiration behind the creations. 

2. The Art, the Culture, the Architecture - the History

John Macrae
Oh those iconic landmarks! You may have seen them but do you know the background stories. Do you really? 

3. Try something new

If you're a local, one or more of our stops may be familiar to you. But perhaps you'll be tasting something you've never tried before. If you're a visitor, you can gain a bit of insight into our particular Taste of Place. See the places that the locals like to frequent and you'll end up learning what influences our particular culture of food. 

4. Get outside

The walkability factor to our tours cannot be overlooked. By moving from one tasty place to another, you not only get a chance to experience all of the above, you may just feel justified in eating all that food. 

Part 2 coming soon...