These are our people, To The Core

March 11, 2016

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6 months and 17 tours into this business and I’m struck by so many things. The generosity and good faith of the restaurants and food businesses Taste deTours has collaborated with thus far has been truly staggering. Regardless of how short-term our visits are, we’ve been treated like gold time and again.

There have been those with us since the very beginning — my true heroes Eric the Baker, Ouderkirk & Taylor, Atmosphere Café + etc., Miijidaa Café + Bistro, Wellington Cakes, The Woolwich Arrow, Bin 23. Then there are those who joined in during specialty tours like our 12 Bites of Christmas and Love Bites, the ones who have stayed on because we couldn’t do without them — TithoreaGuelph Caribbean Cuisine, Refresh Juice Co. Now Babelfish Bistro and The Albion Hotel have come into the mix and have opened their kitchen doors for a custom tour or two.

These are the all important business names but it’s the people behind them that truly make this collaboration zing. So, huge heartfelt thanks goes to Eric, Spencer & Mark, Gus & Graham, Nicole & Shawn, Lorenza, Fountain & Rebecca, Dora, Amanda, Whitney, Courtney & Yvonne, Bob & Jason, Anne, Rich & Stewart, Orett and ALL of their stellar staff.  You have bought into the crazy vision of guided food tours — you’ve really made us all shine. And for that? Big, cheesy, flaky pastry, maple infused, juicy, somewhat boozy Taste de Love to you all. Guelph does indeed Taste Good.

I’m verklempt.