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Why Detourˈdēto͝or/ noun A long or roundabout route that is taken to visit somewhere along the way. A deviation of course. 
Guelph has deep agricultural roots, so food - good, fresh, local food - comes naturally to us. We like to say we're 'Telling Guelph Stories through Food + Drink'We're much closer than you think! Guelph is situated in the heart of Southern Ontario. We're 100km from Toronto, 48km from Hamilton and only 145km to the U.S. border. We're also practically next door to Waterloo Region, St. Jacobs, Elora & Fergus and Stratford. And we're a mere 10-minute drive down the road from the Delta Hotel and the University of Guelph. Let Lynn put the downtown Guelph taste experience into context for you.
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