Gift Certificates 

Our eCertificates are available for all tours. To purchase one, please visit here. 
An epicurean adventure is always a gift in Good Taste, and our gift certificates never expire!
Buy one for any amount. We also suggest purchasing gift certificates for the total amount of the tour including tax and ticketing fee per ticket. You'll be asked to pay an extra $2 for processing the eCertificate.
Here are the breakdowns:

To The Core ($75 + Tax and ticketing fee) = $88.14
Little Bites ($60 + Tax and ticketing fee) = $71.19 
EatStreet ($50 + Tax and ticketing fee) = $59.89
** Don't have a credit card for the purchase? Write to Lynn and let's figure out an email $ transfer!

Once you've purchased, you can choose to send the electronic certificate to your lucky recipient or yourself to print a prettier version and send on. download your printable e-certificate here and add the eCertificate # received from the one you just purchased. You’ll be able to include a personal message to the recipient. 


Already have a gift certificate?
Choose the tour you’d like to reserve from our Calendar. You can redeem your gift certificate by filling in the box for “eCertificate.” 
Enter your gift certificate number in that box. You will receive an automatic email confirmation for the tour. 

Still unsure how a gift certificate could work for you? Get in touch with Lynn at to find out more.
Custom or Private Tours are priced in a custom way. Don’t hesitate to discuss your options with Lynn