Our Team

Guelph Mercury

Our team (thus far) is comprised of Lynn Broughton in collaboration with the stellar businesses found downtown Guelph. Like any good community, it’s those in the background – the chefs, the staff & owners – that make things tick.  Come for a tour and see why they choose to eat, live, work and play in Guelph.

Lynn is a devotee of all things flavoured Local, loves a good story, has a hunger for urbanism and an appetite that just won’t quit. She came to Guelph in 1984 after living a rich childhood of travel and residency throughout Canada, Europe and Africa. Her Mum was a pioneer foodie, whose own table exposed her to a world of cooking and taste, but she discovered the truly unifying power of food within various restaurant cultures. She spent 8 years at Downtown Guelph, where she promoted the downtown core businesses and created annual art & cultural events. One such event was Dig in Downtowna seasonal celebration that encouraged Guelphites to sample local fare through prix fixe menus.

A self-professed Gastro Nomad, Lynn has planted herself in Guelph where she has 22 years of experience with food, events, arts & culture and tourism. She is a certified Food Tour Professional who is sweet on this town and all its flavour. 

Let Lynn put your downtown Guelph taste experience into context for you.

*photo by Chris Seto, Guelph Mercury